Sexy and elegant

The sixth poster is about the sexiest Amiga model in existence, the desktop Amiga 3000!

I have to confess that this one had me quite troubled as I couldn’t locate an original Commodore ad that would be aesthetically satisfactory. It’s kind of sad that such a good looking and powerful machine wasn’t promoted by Commodore with visually appealing ads…

So I decided to create a new poster from scratch based on a dutch Commodore promotional brochure about Amiga 3000.

I think the final result came out pretty neat and highlights the aesthetics of this beautiful Amiga model.

I truly hope it meets your expectations too!

amiga 3000 sexy and elegant
Amiga 3000 – The sexy and elegant: Commodore brochure (left) / Own creation (right)

You can download the full resolution 300dpi ISO A4 size in lossless PNG format here.

Please note, that for the A3000D computer I used an edited 3D rendered model from zgodzinski.